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For special interests seeking to stay under the radar, model legislation also offers distinct advantages. Copycat bills don’t appear on expense reports, or campaign finance forms. They don’t require someone to register as a lobbyist or sign in at committee hearings. But once injected into the lawmaking process, they can go viral, spreading state to state, executing an agenda to the letter. In all, these copycat bills amount to the nation’s largest, unreported special-interest campaign, driving agendas in every statehouse and touching nearly every area of public policy.

If corporations were more democratic, their participation in the nation’s political debate would be of little concern. When the time comes, the Court should draw the same line with regard to the freedom to exercise religion. The right is to protect the freedom of conscience, and only actual human beings have a conscience. (And only some of them at that.) There should be allowances for genuine associations of religious people, such as churches.

Your role has expanded over the last few years, and the global economic downturn has added new pressures. Revenues are dropping and key sectors are still sluggish–yet the appetite for improved services is stronger than ever before. Post the laws regarding the applicable Prohibited Personnel Practices as well as information regarding the process for making confidential disclosures to OSC. Posters containing this information should be displayed in all personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity offices and in other prominent places throughout the agency. Government Corporations are subject to 5 U.S.C. § 2302 in cases of alleged prohibited personnel practices described under subsection or section 2302(b​), , , or ; thus, Government Corporations are required to complete 2302 Certification regarding only these applicable subsections. Diversity is critical to the Federal Reserve, and we are firmly committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture throughout the Federal Reserve System.

More than ever before, government corporations need to have the same level and quality of representation as their private-sector counterparts. Dentons gives you that edge–allowing you to draw on experience across multiple sectors and businesses all around the world. Experience that includes banking and financial industry restructurings, infrastructure development, mortgage capital markets, pension benefits, student lending–and, of course, experience working with or on the other side of all levels of government. Within this challenging environment, political uncertainty and increased regulation add a further layer of complexity. Yet the single constant remains the critical requirement for infrastructure, health care, housing, energy and other services offered by government corporations.

This denies voters information and blocks accountability by hiding the identity of political spenders who want to push their agendas and points of view without leaving fingerprints. Dark money has led to an increase in negative campaigning and deceptive statements in political advertisements, feeding the politics of destruction. Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed 22 government corporations, focusing on their reported adherence to federal statutes. The President shall submit the budget programs submitted by wholly owned Government corporations as part of the budget submitted to Congress under section 1105 of this title. The President thereafter may submit changes in a budget program of a corporation at any time.

Nor is there any central unit charged with designing government corporations from the perspective of presidential or central management interests. A board of directors is the trademark of a government corporation, according to many lawmakers and attorneys. Marshall Dimock, an academic writing in 1949, argued that a board of directors was considered an essential element for an “authentic” government corporation. “Being a separate and distinct entity, headed by its own board of directors, the corporation is inherently better able to succeed than the ordinary department of government.”

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