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Journal Issue> Buddhism, Law & Society, Vol 5

JLASC members read article submissions as part of a weekly, student-run seminar, wherein they decide which articles to publish on a participatory and democratic basis. The Journal, one of the earliest in the nation devoted to the study of women and the law, has strived to contribute insightful scholarship to this evolving field of study. Andrew Lockridge led the Fall 2014 edition in publishing several extended papers for this edition, including an honor’s thesis. Collectively, they represented topics on copyright law in the music industry, the legality of public school prayer, and gender equality in the public sector.

We invite articles on local community practices, jurisprudence, textual analysis, commentaries, legal subject matters, philosophy, procedure, ritual, ethics, law codes, social sanctions and other areas, both historical and current, as they relate to Buddhism and Law. We welcome submissions from legal practitioners as well as academics in a wide variety of disciplines in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. The Journal is one of the top five most widely circulated law reviews and the nation’s leading forum for conservative and libertarian legal scholarship. This article deals with the death penalty in pre-modern Tibet and how both legal works and Tibetan Buddhists displayed an ambiguous stance regarding this sentence. The main sources that speak of this practice examined here are the largely understudied Tibetan legal decrees and law texts, along with traveler’s accounts and other materials. Taking an explic­itly historical perspective, this paper does not engage with the question whether capital punishment can ever be justified by Buddhists.

The GLJ is comprised of a selected group of second-year, third-year, and fourth-year students, who are interested in gaming law. The USC Journal of Law and Society welcomed Madeline Goossen as the Editor-in-Chief for the Spring 2018 issue. All undergraduate academics from any university, major, or program are invited to submit research papers of at least 10 double-spaced pages in length. Papers may have been completed for coursework, independent study, or written specifically for the Journal.

It is argued that various sovereigns burdened with both secular and religious rule, have made ambiguous attempts to abolish the death sentence, with limited suc­cess. While rare, the death penalty was carried out but remained a prob­lematic issue for a number of Tibetan Buddhist authors. Central European Public Administration Review is a scientific peer-reviewed and peer-edited journal that publishes original articles devoted to the development and analysis of public administration and governance.

This collection provides access to databases covering international literature in social sciences, including politics, public policy, sociology, social work, anthropology,criminology, linguistics, library science, and education. Featured databases include the International Bibliography of Social Science, Sociological Abstracts, and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. TheInternational Annals of Criminologyis an international and multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of crime and crime prevention. Published by the International Society of Criminology, Annalsis one of the oldest continuously published scholarly journals in the area of criminology.

Please include a cover page with the title of your paper, your full name, your contact information , the name of your university, your major, your expected year of graduation, and a 4-6 sentence abstract. The Journal of Law and Society at the University of Southern California is a student-run, interdisciplinary Journal that promotes outstanding undergraduate scholarship. Ratio of a journal’s items, grouped in three years windows, that have been cited at least once vs. those not cited during the following year.

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