Conventional Modern society and it is Future

industrial Society And Its Future If you want to read a critique of modern industrialization and it impact on nature and society by someone who’s not a violent terrorist and has solutions beyond blowing shit up Murray Bookchin is probably a betyer bet. Anarcho-primitivism is a fairly well-established critique of large-scale social organization powered by […]

Reinventing the Administration Corporation

List Of Government For special interests seeking to stay under the radar, model legislation also offers distinct advantages. Copycat bills don’t appear on expense reports, or campaign finance forms. They don’t require someone to register as a lobbyist or sign in at committee hearings. But once injected into the lawmaking process, they can go viral, […]

Reinventing a Federal Company

“delegation Of Powers To And Within Government Corporations” By Harvey Pinney In the Philippines, state-owned enterprises are known as government-owned and controlled corporations . They can range from the Social Security System and the Philippine Coconut Authority with no counterparts in the private sector, to Land Bank of the Philippines, a wholly government-owned bank that […]