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The Unabomber Manifesto 1 Industrial Society And Its Future

Other goals would distract attention and energy from the main goal. More importantly, if the revolutionaries permit themselves to have any other goal than the destruction of technology, they will be tempted to use technology as a tool for reaching that other goal. Any kind of social conflict helps to destabilize the system, but one should be careful about what kind of conflict one encourages.

The activists will never be satisfied until tobacco is outlawed, and after that it will be alcohol, then junk food, etc. Activists have fought gross child abuse, which is reasonable. When they have done that they will want to ban something else they consider unwholesome, then another thing and then another.

Kaczynski’s ideal revolution seeks not to overthrow government but the economic and technological foundation of modern society. He seeks to destroy existing society and protect the wilderness, the antithesis of technology. In order to read or download industrial society and its future theodore kaczynski ebook, you need to create a FREE account.

It is because they knew their manifesto would be published and read that the terrorists behind the 2011 Norway attacks or Christchurch mosque attack acted that way. And it worked as planned, providing incentives for more acts of terror. I am no fan of cancel culture / deplatforming people but I do make an exception for terrorists. I don’t think we should be promoting the manifesto of terrorists as it creates horrible incentives, and vindicates their action. I agree with the approach of obfuscating their names and not reporting on their manifesto. I agree with your sentiment but you’re arguing to the wrong audience.

If you think that more effective law enforcement is unequivocally good because it suppresses crime, then remember that crime as defined by the system is not necessarily what YOU would call crime. Today, smoking marijuana is a “crime,” and, in some places in the U.S., so is possesion of ANY firearm, registered or not, may be made a crime, and the same thing may happen with disapproved methods of child-rearing, such as spanking. In some countries, expression of dissident political opinions is a crime, and there is no certainity that this will never happen in the U.S. since no constitution or political system lasts forever. If a society needs a large, powerful law enforcement establishment, then there is something gravely wrong with that society; it must be subjecting people to severe pressures if so many refuse to follow the rules, or follow them only because forced.

Thus, when they go beyond the prevention of obvious, senseless cruelty, programs for preventing “child abuse” are directed toward the control of human behavior on behalf of the system. Kaczynski was spot on about our technological reliance. His problem, however, is that he thought that we needed a revolution to address it. He believed that sending bombs through the mail was his only avenue to gain publicity. He was wrong, dead wrong, and because of this irrational mistake, three people lost their lives, and many others were critically injured.

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